Writ of Attachments are utilized to secure payment of a debt before the conclusion of the action. This pre-judgment remedy make specific mention of whether it is for "Bulky Goods" or if a "Keeper'' has been authorized.

Bulky Goods Writ of Attachment

MGL Ch. 223, s. 50 allows for personal property of the defendant to be attached in bulk goods which are too bulky or for other cause cannot be immediately removed. The original attachment must be signed by the judge or clerk, be embossed with the seal of the issuing court and have the monetary amount designated clearly on the face of the document.

The Deputy Sheriffs Office's Return of Service must indicate the specific list of goods that are to be attached and the address where they will remain. The personal property allowed for attachment must conform with the list of exempt personality listed in MGL Ch. 235, s. 34. The defendant must be delivered this document listing all items subject to attachment along with a copy of the attachment itself. Thereafter the Secretary of State's Office must be notified by certified return-receipt mail of the attachment and the list of attached goods.