According to Massachusetts Civil Process law, every subpoena issued by the clerk of court, a notary public, a justice of the peace, attorney, or a pro se includes the name of the court and the title of the action. It commands each person named in the subpoena to attend and give testimony in court at the time and place specified within or produce documents/records for an upcoming court date. For your convenience, these forms can be submitted online.

If you choose to email your subpoena please do not notarize the subpoena. Our office will notarize upon receipt which will allow us to have an original document. Please email your subpoenas to

If you choose not to email your subpoena, please send your subpoena by mail at least 7 days before the hearing and attorneys will be invoiced for the Civil Process Office's fees, notary fee (if necessary) and the appropriate witness fee.

Our Deputy Sheriffs have access to databases and resources not available to the public at large, giving them a superior ability to locate defendants, who often try to avoid being served.