Demand On Execution

A Demand on Execution consists of serving a true attested copy of the Execution along with a letter demanding that the judgment be paid plus fees and interest. This letter instructs the defendant to pay to our office the total amount demanded.
Demands are generally served within a 1-3 days of being received. Once served a defendant is allowed 14 days (individuals) to 30 days (businesses) to contact our office and make arrangements to pay the balance owed. If the defendant pays our office in full we will send a check to the attorney/plaintiff requesting the demand for the balance of the Execution plus interest.

If the defendant(s) fail to pay or respond to the demand the original execution will be returned to the attorney/plaintiff along with a copy of the demand letter and proof of service. If a demand fails to obtain payment, our office may also be able to assist with an asset check and/or a levy on levy on real estate or levy on personal property.